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As I mentioned in my previous blog post, I'm currently a proud owner of an iPhone and needed a way to synchronize my Lotus Notes calendar with it.

I'm not a big fan of CompanionLink, since it is both expensive (50 bucks) and pretty buggy. It also doesn't sync everything the way I want (more on this further down). Apart from companionlink, there are no tools out there that can help me get my calendar to the iphone (without going through a 3rd party) Being a software developer, and driven by interesting code challenges, the obvious solution to this problem is of course: to write a tool myself. :-)

Introducing: TieCal Synchronizer, your one-stop tool to synchronize Lotus Notes to the iPhone. It's still very rough, and has some annoying limitations (like no support for repeating events) but it works fairly well for me. It only supports one way sync (this is mostly all I need anyway) and lacks some basic configuration options, like setting timespan, and turning on/off reminders. It has also never been tested outside my own setup, so your milage may vary...

What it does do that you can't get with CompanionLink is merging of Lotus Notes' "Room" and "Location" fields so that they appear on the iPhone. Outlook only have the Location field, so Room is silently ignored by CompanionLink which is very annoying when you're on your way to a meeting and forgot to check where it is... TieCal handles this properly

The code is open source (GPL v2) so feel free to try it out. It's written in C#, using WPF for GUI. I've not yet created a proper release, do you'll have to compile from source for now (VS2008 needed).